Do you have a Pipeline abandonment project in need of being deactivated, decommissioned, or abandoned?

We have an abundance of in house resources as well as years of experience in decommissioning pipelines.

Pipeline abandonment is one of our many services.

The process to abandon a pipeline is different than the process to abandon other infrastructure, such as a well. Learn how wells are abandoned in Alberta

Our Pipeline Abandonment Plan Includes

  • Land Use Management

  • Whether the Pipe will be Removed or Abandoned in Place

  • Ground Settling

  • Oil and Groundwater Contamination

  • Pipe Cleanlines

  • Water Crossings

  • Soil Erosion

  • Utility and Pipeline Crossings

  • The Creation of Water Conduits, where Water Travels through the Pipeline

  • What will happen to Pipeline Equipment, e.g. risers, valves, piping, etc.

Pipeline Abandonment

How about the Environment?

The Canadian oil and gas industry recognize the need to develop guidelines that companies can follow in order to abandon pipelines in an environmentally way; with that in mind, Blair Nelson Enterprises recognizes this same need! We follow every step to ensure, animals, landscapes, and the eco system is never harmed in the process of pipeline abandonment

We Care!

When a pipeline reaches the end of its operating life, it’s abandoned.  Pipelines must be emptied, purged, isolated, and left in a safe condition so that there are no risks to the public or environment. Abandoned pipelines are often left in the ground so that the land and soil are not further disrupted.

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